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(I hope this doesn’t come off as too sappy or corny or cheesy. Id put it under a read more, but I cant with images. Didnt realize until after I typed all this. I just dont want this event to be forgotten. And I wanted to express my personal feelings. Im not quite sure how the story goes exactly either. I apologize if I somehow offend or upset you.)

World War 1

December 25th, 1914

The Christmas Day Truce

The men in these pictures were supposed to be killing each other at the moment they were taken.

The night before, supposedly, some German soldiers lit small trees, and sang carols, and started to walk slowly towards British lines, many without their weapons. Some, if not most, believed that they were going to be killed.

Surprisingly, they were welcomed in most places by the British, Scottish, and French forces. They sang with them.

They did not want to kill each other. Not on this day at least.

Together, they celebrated Christs birth with one another, and allowed their love for one another to be stronger than what they were trained and commanded to do to each other.

They exchanged gifts among themselves. They talked about their families, their wives, children, parents, siblings. They talked their favorite foods, the weather.

They ate with each other, shared their rations, their candy, their luxuries, cigarettes, their beer.

Though in many places, fighting continued as usual, in the few that this happened, it was nothing short of a miracle. For one day, Christs birth, was truly celebrated.

For one day, these enemies, were friends.

There was Peace on Earth, or at least in some places where there was supposed to be war.

This is the proof that our love for one another can be, and is, stronger than our hatred.

Lets strive to be more like this, in honor of these men.

Be kind to your enemies, even if they are not kind to you. They might want to be your friend instead.

From the bottom of my heart, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year to all.

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